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Who we are

Our journey began in 2009 when we built our website with only one purpose in mind. To provide clients with a secure platform via which they can hire registered contractors. Only vetted handymen with a PTY, CC, or Sole Proprietorship work with us. When it comes to constructing and maintenance, our network provides a safe and secure platform that connects homeowners with respected local contractors. We believe in providing excellent customer service at all times.

Why use Handyman Direct

Why use Handyman Direct?

Because we are Good!

Our values are “Good things” and “Making Good things happen.”

  • Customers: We always put our customers first.
  • Contractors: Handyman Director only supports “Good Conscious” contractors, that provide excellent service.
  • The nitty-gritty: We do not just check requests and documents; we read between the lines getting to know our handymen, what they stand for, and decide if they are right for our customers.
  • Our stats: To date, we have successfully completed over 11000 projects, have a team of over 270 qualified contractors, and have a 91% trusted score rating.
  • Our locations: We operate in all nine provinces in South Africa.
What services do our contractors offer

What services do our contractors offer?

With qualified and insured handymen, we offer a range of services for both home and commercial locations. This includes:
Pool specialists
No job is too big or too small, and our handymen cover all building and maintenance services. All our handymen are registered on the national database (www.cipc.co.za), have their own vehicles, and operate with an economic and social responsibility ethos.

How does it work?

1. Make Contact

Simply post your job and tell us what needs to be done, provide your budget, where you are situated, and when you would like the job done.

2. Make a decision

We will connect you with the relevant handymen where you will receive 1-3 quotes for you to compare. At this stage, you can review the contractor’s profile, compare rates, and then decide who best fits your requirements.

3. Job Completion

One of our qualified team members will then complete the job for you, and we ask that you write a review and rate our contractors.

It really is as simple as that. We are your one-stop resource to make any home improvement or maintenance requirement a seamless experience.

What do we charge?

All our contractors charge professional rates depending on their skill and the amount of work required. This ranges between R250 – R690 per hour or daily/project rates.

It’s over to us

Contact us today to find out more about our contractors and handymen and the amazing services we offer. Post a job request and let our local professionals call you back.

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