About Us

HandymanDirect is all about connecting local tradesmen with local customers, putting customers first.

We stated developing our service / website in 2009 with one goal in mind, Giving customers a Trusted Platform. We have always been strict on only letting contractors with PTY, Closed Corporations, or as a minimum have registered themselves as Sole Proprietors at SARS, be part of us.

This way we know that we support “Good Conscious” Contractors, that pay their TAX.

We do not just check documents; we read between the lines getting to know our contractors, what they stand for and decide if they are right for our customers.   

We stand for “Good things” & “Making Good things happen.”

To date we have successfully processed more than 10530 customer requests.
Sort through 1628 contractor applications & are Proud to say We have 264 "Good Guy's"

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About Our Service

If you just need a guided / average cost on having something building-related repaired, installed or build, please contact me info@handymandirect.co.za [ Vincent van der Westhuizen ]

When you need a professional "in his Trade" to help you getting a job done, simply post a job.

Our Contractors

All Independent Professionals. We really don't not focus on minimum wage workers, the R150-R350/day segment. Read more on South Africa's National minimum wage https://www.gov.za

We are all registered on the national database [www.cipc.co.za], own vehicles with economic and social responsibilities. If you call us back, you know where to find us. www.HandymanDirect.co.za

We charge Professional rates, Average of R250 – R690/ hour depending on skill & amount of work required. The lower end of the spectrum will probably indicate young, inexperienced Contractors with little overhead responsibilities.

Post a Job & Let our local Professionals call you back.

Yours in Trust