Advice and Tips

1st time Customers, please think twice!
Before engaging with us, talk to your property owner, buildings manager, rental agent, your husband's friend, the neighbor “the Board of directors” or your insurance provider first, before booking our Professionals to respond to ‘what we call an “invalid requests
  Even though its free to you, It stil takes time & have real costs to inspect & deliver a quotation. 
Think more of us as a contractor supplier than a quote comparison service.

Our Contractors respond quick enough, Dont expect an imitate response and assume "next day delivery of service". We dont focus on emergency or after hour services.  

Where to start? 
Click Home
 and start your request. First time users will complete the process with the user registration step at the end. 
Individuals with multiple properties, create your first request with description tag: [Account setup] to log your office / operation address details. From there you can create multiple job requests for alternative locations. Address problems on our site ? Contact us through our support page.

How much does it cost? 
Our service is completely free. 

What do I do after I Posted a Job?

We instantly notify all our trusted tradesmen. Available traders will contact you as soon as it possible for them, to arrange a meeting to quote. Look out for your contractor introduction email.  

Why did I not get no response?   
Ask us for a repost.
> To Low budget:  jobs might not be economical for anyone to make the effort.
> It could be that there are currently no available traders. Perhaps the location is outside our available Contractors range.  
> The “when to start date” is unachievable.
> Request description or photos missing.

I got 3 Quotes, what now?
Great, you can "Accept" your contractor onboard, once logged in.
They might beat you to it and "Self Select" as your contractor.
Financial transactions [deposits & final payments] is between you and our trusted tradesperson. When the job's done, well ask for a review on their performance and log it to your job. We also accept reviews on Google & other platforms.  

What to expect from Contractors

It is the generally accepted to not pay more than 50% as deposit or the minimum “cost of products” on larger projects with the remainder on completion. Phased labour payments or Item completion payments are normally used on lager projects. Never pay the full amount upfront, ever. Its just not how its done.

Insist on an Itemized quote!

A good Quotation will lay out the steps of progress with prices attached.
Be careful of a “one overall” price as you simply do not know what you are paying for. As the say “If it is not on the estimate, it was not listed for delivery.  

We have great trust in our contractors, We call them Trusted Tradespeople.

Contact us for more information about our service or contractors.

Reach us during normal working hours, post your request 24h/day.      0817533284   [ Call, SMS & WhatsApp ]

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