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Simply post your job request, [with good details] sit back & you will be contacted directly by up to 3 of South Africa's Best Contractors.      
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Follow these easy steps, we’ll do the rest!

1. Simply, post your job       Tell us what needs doing, your budget, where and when.

2. Receive (1-3) Quotes      You can Invite traders contact you.  

3. Compare then Select       Read profiles, compare prices then hire the best.

4. Rate your tradesman       Job complete, write a review & let us share with the World.

Our meticulously selected Tradesmen are all registered with  Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.
Their 'quality of work' is in good trust.

We only let really interested traders contact you. Once a Contractor engage, you’ll be notified via email & receive your trader`s contact details + profile link. You will be able to read reviews from previous clients, helping you getting to know your contractor “a bit better” before you start making appointments to quote. 

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We Don’t:

> Give your details to anyone.
Contractors will call, email or WhatsApp to confirm your street name & door number. A security measure you control.   
> Our data, contacts, user behavior remains just that.
> We don’t & will never sell, share or compare to manipulate the market for self-gain.

We are 100% Organic, serving the Good People of South Africa.

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Good to Know.

The first step is to know what it is that you need doing.

We need specifics, is it a wood or aluminium sliding door. Flooring, how many squire meters or rooms need doing? Is it a house with 7 rooms [bedrooms included], is your boundary wall 50 running meter x 2 m high, does your painting service require the paint & repair of ceilings, woodwork like skirtings, door frames & window? Have you bought the products already?

#Handy Tip: Go buy your preferred product and just have our installation contractor install it. You will save them time not having to charge you for. Bathroom Alterations or Kitchen Renovation cannot cost R 3000. [maybe tiling a shower]

Keep in Mind

In the Cities, Contractors have a 30- 45 min drive limit [ & back] 1.5 hour for a customer visit. Probably Costing R 100 fuel and 1. 1/2-hour of their time. No one will do a R 99 job at this rate. Yes, we connect local contractors with you but there simply are not always so many available on short notice. In ‘real time cost’ “Time to quote” or a 10-minute job will calculate between R 350 -R600 to book a guy for 1 hour. Back in the day, guys used to charge a “call out fee” [ for 1 hour] which should not be confused with getting an estimate from your local Building Contractor. Customers cannot afford to pay for minor quotations unless you build a house. Respect our contractors and their time.

Contractor Charging Rates

R 99          Literary 10min of work, on a drive by back from work. [changing a lightbulb]  
R350         30 min "Call Out" 
R550         1 hour of work [R350-R750 depending on Trade.
R1200       2 -3 hours work.
R2000      1-2 guys for a day    
R3000      1 – 4  guys for a day [ or maybe 1 guy 2 days]                     

We are not:

> a get the cheapest “quote comparison” site. We do not support “off the book“ minimum wage laborer's.

Yes We do:

> We book Professionals to assess, estimate & get the job done.

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